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Tamfeeds Limited was founded in Nairobi, Kenya in 1984 with the objective of providing the highest quality products to animal feed manufacturers within the region and provide expert advice on all matters concerning animal feed production.


As the very first company to locally produce animal feed premixes in Kenya, Tamfeeds is a recognized pioneer in the Kenyan animal feed industry today. From its headquarters in Karen, Nairobi, the company has grown to become a leading producer of a complete range of animal feed premixes and additives in East Africa.



Elsen Karstad is a Canadian who has lived in Kenya since 1971. He has a Masters in Ecology from the Dept. of Animal Science, University of Alberta, Canada. Elsen is a founding Director of Tamfeeds Ltd, and through the Company his hands-on involvement in feeds, feed additives, aquaculture and poultry farming in East Africa over the past 25 years is combined with a natural entrepreneurial flair that benefits both Tamfeeds and it's customers.


John Njuguna is a Kenyan who started his career in Primate Research within the National Museums of Kenya. He is a founding Director of Tamfeeds Ltd. and has gained vast experience in administration and marketing within Tamfeeds and it's affiliated companies over the past three decades. A passionate agriculturalist, John is active in dairy, poultry, fish and vegetable farming, and his practical experience is a solid asset within Tamfeeds Ltd.

Together, John and Elsen form a partnership that is both reliably solid and innovative. With Tamfeeds as the core company, they have been able to not only support the regional animal feed industry with quality premixes and additives but to actively demonstrate practical, successful and efficient methods of farming.

Their environmental concern is evidenced in eco-freindly fuels at Chardust Ltd. and more recently with the globally-unique startup SeedBalls Kenya, a joint venture with Cookswell Jikos, that is actively re-seeding huge areas of Kenya's damaged forests. They also own a trout farm, Tamtrout and the popular tree house restaurant The Trout Tree Restaurant on Mount Kenya.  Their latest venture, Chunga Mali, offers secure self-storage units for rent in a controlled access compound situated next to their sister companies on Ushirika Rd.

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