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Premium formulations
2.5kg/Ton inclusion rate

Dairy Cattle


Tamfeeds Standard Dairy Premix contains 11 active and essential ingredients; three vitamins and nine minerals. A deficiency of any one of them will ‘break the chain’ resulting in low milk production and reduced profits with health challenges to follow.


High levels of Vitamins A, D3 and E in your feed provide you with peace of mind from season to season as dairy farmers adjust diets in accordance with different forage availaility. Good growth, milk production and fertility for dairy cattle are dependent on these three vitamins, and they are often deficient in natural forage.


Soil mineral contents vary significantly from place to place within East Africa and this directly affects the mineral content of the forage plants farmers provide their cattle. Tamfeeds premixes contain levels of trace minerals guaranteed to supplement dairy cattle diets to meet the animal’s needs throughout the region.


So don’t worry about this link in your feed formulation chain- Tamfeed’s got you covered!

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