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Tamfeeds Standard range of premixes meet the high nutritional standards demanded by today’s finely-tuned poultry genetics.


To attain production potential and to meet farmers expectations, a strong fresh and powerful vitamin and mineral premix is a critical element in your feed. Rapid weight gains and high egg production stresses create correspondingly high vitamin and mineral demands.


Health challenges and external stresses from temperature extremes and damp conditions increase vitamin requirements: a freshly made potent premix is your in-built quality insurance. Tamfeeds has you covered.


Premium formulations
2.5kg/Ton inclusion rate


Premium formulations
2.5kg/Ton inclusion rate


Egg Yolk Colouration

*Broiler Chick-Starter


*Broiler Finisher


*Layer/Broiler Breeder

Layer Chick-Starter

Layer Grower

Layer No Carophyll

Layer Half Carophyll*

Layer Full Carophyll*

Layer Mega Carophyll*

* with Carophylls Red & Yellow

Take the guesswork and chance out of making layer’s feed that produces attractively coloured egg yolks.


A touch of DSM’s Carophyll Red when using yellow maize or a combination of Caropyll Red and Carophyll Yellow when your feed is based on white maize... Tamfeeds can advise on what is needed and how much to add.


Carotenoids are natural pigments related to Vitamin A. They will be converted to Vitamin A if your premix is weak or stale, so be sure to use Carophylls with fresh Tamfeeds premixes for guaranteed results.

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